How to Select the Right Lobby Sign for You!

How to Select the Right Lobby Sign for You!

If you’re shopping for a custom lobby sign with us, you’ve likely noticed that we offer two main types of signs: dimensional letters and plaques, which come in acrylic and brushed aluminum. How can you choose which is the right one for your office? Here, we’ll help break down some of the key features of each.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional signage comes with the 3D cut individual components of your sign — letters or logos — ready to be applied directly to the wall of your office space. These are often among our most cost-effective, and the savings can often enable you to order a larger sign than with a plaque.
Many of our startup or retail customers choose dimensional letters because of their modern appeal and seamless integration with the space.
All our signs come with free shipping*, but dimensional letters often allow us to save on shipping costs and we pass those savings on to you!
Note that you can get individual dimensional letters in the same brushed aluminum finish as our plaques! If you’re interested in getting a dimensional sign started, feel free to drop us a quote request!

Plaques: The Basics

Most of the signs we manufacture are plaques. Both brushed aluminum and acrylic plaques can be produced with different types of graphics on the surface. You can select from dimensional letters (see above) or, for plaques only, highly economical flat digital graphics.
Dimensional letters add value and elegance to your sign, but even with the lowest prices around, they will add a bit of cost to your sign. Digital graphics will still pop vibrantly, but you’ll lose the depth of the individual letters. (If you’re interested in our most economical model, check out our brushed aluminum special with flat dimensional letters!) Your sign will still pop big-time, though — it’s a beautiful plaque on the wall! Check out this guide to the comparison:

Now, let’s move to the two types of plaques: acrylic and brushed aluminum.

Take a look at this easy comparison graphic. You can see how the signs come with the same hardware and are offered in the same sizes. All you do is choose the type of graphics, the color of the standoffs/corner caps (see above), and a size! Our standoffs are offered in aluminum, gold and black.
Your custom lobby sign is really starting to come together! Be sure to check out our idea gallery for inspiration, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help! Remember that the easiest way to get a good sense of our options and get your affordable sign started is to use our free quote system.
We look forward to starting your sign!