Understanding Art Files

Understanding Art Files


We get it: figuring out file formats can be difficult for some!
A .PNG or .JPG is fine for a quote or proof, but vector files, either an .EPS, .AI or a .PDF of either will generally work perfect and these file types provided initially will make the process easier later. This is the industry standard for production of any sign worldwide.

The problem with .JPG and .PNG files is that they are based on a fixed number of pixels. In addition, .JPG files have a solid background behind them, which makes them impossible to edit for production purposes.

lobby sign file types

Almost every designer who creates a logo, is using a fancy art program such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Again this is the industry standard. The use of these art program allows the designer to manipulate all parts of the logo and make edits, change colors, etc at will. Now the designer will generally save these files in the art program and simply forward you the .JPG, .PNG, etc. for your easy viewing. The main reason is for this is that most business owner have no way of opening a vector file unless they have the same expensive art program the designer has used. Most business owners do not however. Now the best designers will send a copy of every file format to you originally and you just may have them stored somewhere else on your computer.

We hope they did and you can locate. Going back and asking the person or company who designed your logo for an .AI or .EPS file is usually the best back up if you can’t find them on your computer.

A vector file such as an .AI or .EPS or a .PDF of either allows for computers to read the actual elements in the file such as where to cut, color separations, sizing, gradients and perfect resolution at size is mandatory for the any fabrication of your lobby sign.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our LobbySigns.com graphics department or check out our File Formatting page here.